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I get lots of questions about how to prepare for your session and random concerns that come up when you ARE preparing, and while I have prep guides and things posted I know they are not always easy to find. So I decided to get some of the most common asked questions together in a blog post for you! Special Thanks to Kelly for sending me her list of “overthought questions” (its never overthinking lol I promise if you are wondering, someone else is wondering too).

Should I get a wax? If so how soon before my shoot?

You should just do whatever it is you normally do. If you normally get a wax, get one. Just get it at least 48 hours before your shoot to reduce swelling and redness. If you normally just shave.. then just shave. I’m not getting all up in your vjay jay. She aint getting a close up lol. Skin smoothing should be enough to remove any small bumps lol. Save your coin.

Should I get my nails done?

Short answer…. YES. Your hands are in so many of the photos. I know it seems like they wont matter. BUT THEY DO. If you are tugging on your clothes they are in the photos, playing with your lip? Yep, they are in those too lol. Grabbing your boobs? There’s some more hand shots. If you don’t do long nails or colorful nails its fine. They just need to look nice. Make sure they are at least cut, clean, and maybe put a clear coat on them. IF you run out of time to get them done…. I have helped clients put on a quick set of press ons right before we started shooting lol. We are here for a good time not a long time, baby. They aint gotta last but an hour or two!

Should I get a spray tan \ should I self tan?

The most common and dreaded question lol. One, because I know I am NOT feeling myself unless I got my lil orange self tanner on haha. But two, because it often photographs SO orange, is streaky and only shows up streaky in photos, and also gets all over my studio when it rubs off your skin. So its a tough situation. If you must… I don’t blame you. I would have to also lol. But make sure you do your research, get the most even application possible, find one that is NOT orange, and do it about 2 days before the session.

What should I wear to my session?

The day of your session you should wear the loosest thing possible. Don’t even wear a bra and panties if you can stand it. Anything that will leave marks on your skin.. just skip it. IT makes editing so much harder. Sweatpants that are tight around the ankles, shorts with those wide waist bands with all the lines from the elastic, those tiktok yoga pants with the waffle pattern on them.. they are all a NIGHTMARE. If possible just wear a baggy shirt and loose shorts or even a sundress.

What if I start my period?

It happens to the best of us. We can plan around it all we want but sometimes it just happens. But do not worry. We are still good to go. Your string shouldn’t hang out but if it does, guess what… I have seen it a million times lol. I will just let you know and we can fix it and move on. If I miss it and it gets in a few shots, it is easily edited out.

How should I come with my skin and hair?

Please make sure you arrive with clean DRY hair. We have had clients show up with wet hair before and we do not have a hair dryer at the studio. Your skin should also just be clean.

What should I bring?

Other than yourself just bring anything you might want to use. Your partners t shirt or button up, your own button up, glasses, a veil, wedding shoes, jeans, jean shorts, jewelry, etc. These are all great additions to your session. And as always you are welcome to use anything in the client closet!


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