How Do Sessions Work?

It looks so fun. You have heard other’s talk about when they did it. A day of pampering and getting hyped up could really do your energy some good. SO.. how does it work? What is the process of a boudoir session experience?

Once you book we will chat and go over your reasoning, ideas, and wants for a session. I love hearing every client’s story. When you booked you should have gotten a questionnaire sent to your email. Please make sure to answer it. I need those answers to make your session the best it can be!

On the day of your session you will arrive at the studio. Your makeup artist and I will be there waiting for you! You can come in and we can look at any makeup inspo photos you have and go over exactly what you want and do not want. What you liked in past makeup experiences and what you didn’t. If you want to look like yourself or have a total transformation. And we will look at anything you brought to wear to make sure you makeup will match. Then you get into the chair! Hair and makeup takes around an hour and a half to 2 hours. We will all chat, have girl talk, share life stories, have snacks, listen to music, and just get to know each other. Once that is done and you are looking GLAM we will pick outfits from the client closet if you need to and try them on. If you don’t need to, then I may get you to try on the things you brought just to see how they lay on the body and get an idea of what I want to photograph where.

Now we are moving on to shooting! CALM DOWN haha. I got you. I am going to pose you, fluff your hair, tell you when to open and close your eyes, and even tell you when to breathe and how. You got this. I got this. WE got this! You are going to do great. I will demonstrate poses and explain what I’m doing, then you will get into the pose, I will remind you of everything I said because you were nervous and you forgot already lol, and then I will adjust the pose for your specific body. It will look BOMB AF and so will you! Shooting normally lasts between an hour to an hour and a half.

After your session is done, if its a full session and you have a same day reveal and ordering appointment, you will go grab a bite to eat and take a breather for about an hour and then come back to the studio to see your photos! This is where you choose which images you want and what you want to put into your album. And most importantly its when you get to see how freaking gorgeous you look. It is my favorite part of the experience.

So that is it! It is a pretty simple process that I love getting to watch so many women enjoy. And I hope I get to have you in the studio soon!


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