What To Wear: Plus Size

When It comes to Plus size clients, my approach is no different. We are doing the same poses and the same things and you are still going to look damn good. The only reason I am even making a separate post for what to wear plus size edition is because I often get questions asking for specific help FOR plus size ladies. And I get it. Bodies are not all the same, they don’t look the same, and well all have parts we would rather not show off as well as parts we love! So here is my advice for the plus sized gals!

First off… OWN IT!

We see you! You are looking gorgeous and there is nothing to hide. I’m not hiding anybody. ANY BODY. Got it? We are here to celebrate you and all that you are. Lose the nerves, we don’t need them. They don’t serve you. AND they are not a good look, babe. Let em go! We want to see you SHINE.


I normally do sheets on everyone. They are such a classic look for a boudoir session. Something about getting naked and wrapping up in a sheet just oozes sexy. I love a good sheet set. But they are also good for covering the parts of you that you don’t want to show off. They are even better at accentuating those curves.

Tank Top & Panties

If you are not comfortable jumping right into lingerie, tank top and panties is another super sexy option. I love using these for the wet set too. Its the perfect way to show off the girls and get some great booty shoots while you are warm up to the idea of getting totally into lingerie in front of a stranger lol. I really like the top to be a crop top, but if it isn’t we can cut it like I did here to really make it work for what we need!


I am obsessed with bodysuits! They are like the intro into lingerie lol. But they are so easy because there is ONE piece and who wants to go chasing down 10 pieces to put a damn outfit on for someone to take right back off. Anyway, sorry for the rant! Body suits can cover the mommy tummy if you are trying to keep from showing that off. It can also really help to hold everything into place when you need some extra support. And the thong and cheeky bottom ones can make for some killer booty shots! They come in so many fun styles, colors, and fabrics. Like I said, I love them.

Cardigans, Button Ups, Robes, Etc

Bra and panties are always a favorite but if that is too boring for you or you still want another outfit to ease your way in to the session, adding a cover up is always a cute idea. I love doing swimsuit coverups (like the one posted above that was actually mine that I ran home and grabbed for my client to use lol), or a lace robe. A loose sweater is always fun. You really can play around with so many ideas for this one. Your partner’s button up shirt… your own button up shirt. Options are endless.

Sleep Gowns & Slips

Let’s get one thing straight. I DID NOT SAY MUMUS. Do not come to the studio with no damn mumu for your photoshoot lol. I’m talking sexy lace, see through, cleavage, booty hanging out night gowns lol. These are comfortable for sure but sometimes we can make them sexy. We just have to be very specific in what you get. It needs to be body hugging on all those curves. Flowy is no good for photos.


And since you are already doing the shoot…. why not just go ahead and get naked haha!

Either way no matter what you wear you are going to look amazing so just message me and lets get you scheduled lol! Here are a few more images for inspo! See you soon!


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