Top 5 Booty Poses – Posing Inspiration For Your Boudoir Shoot

One of the things I hear all the time from clients is “I want that great booty shot, but I don’t have that booty”. That great ass shot is so much more about posing than it is about having a ton of junk in the trunk. These shots are one of my favorite things to photograph and I have found lots of great poses to get them over the years. If you are looking for pose ideas for your own boudoir shoot or just some inspiration for some photos at home, I am going to show you my favorite booty poses for inspo!

The Couch Pose – I call this one the couch pose but you can do it on anything. A chair would work, a low bed, anything you can get your elbows on and not have to really reach up to you. So elbows on the couch and one leg back further than the other for this pose. Then you arch your back as hard as you can without breaking it lol. Perfect every time!

Doggy Style – This pose is pretty simple but always gets great results. Just get on all 4s. Hands and knees. Knees apart and keep your elbows straight. Then you just arch life your life depends on it. This is always a top requested pose in my boudoir shoots and it always comes through with a great booty shot.

Living On The Edge – This boudoir pose needs to be done on the edge of something. I like to use the bed for this one. So get on your knees right on the edge of the bed and almost let your feet hang over the edge a bit. You can do this naked, with lingerie, just panties, you can pull down shorts like we did here. There are so many hot options. Just make sure your booty is out and really bring your shoulders back while you are arch your back. Seeing a pattern here? Arching your back is vital for a great ass photo!

Living On The Edge Part II – This is another great photo to take in that same pose. I normally don’t show all the angle variations for each pose, but this one is worth mentioning. If you have heels slip them on. If you don’t just point your toes and reach back and grab your ankles. But if you do have heels reach back and grab that heel and… you guessed it! ARCH YOUR BACK!

Two For One – I love doing this pose in a mirror. Its such a good way to get both views in one photo. But you can really do it on a wall as well. You are going to start with your feet together and bend one knee forward. You want to put one hand up above and the other hand you are going to take and put right under that butt check. Make sure not to squeeze too hard.. just enough to give the cheek a little shape and lift. And you know what to do next. Were arching our back as hard as we can because the shot will always be worth the backache lol.


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