Top Questions About Boudoir Sessions

I totally get a boudoir session can be an intimidating experience. Coming get naked for a stranger is hard enough lol, but you are allowing someone to show you how everyone else sees you… which can be terrifying. Soooo I am going to take away some of your questions with this blog post and hopefully make your experience a little easier! So lets get into it!


Q: Do we have outfits in studio for clients to use?

A: Yes! We do have a large client closet available for our clients to use. We have outfits ranging in size from XS to 4X as well as some body chains, harnesses, shoes, and accessories. Items are cleaned between each use. It is also TOTALLY fine if you want to bring your own outfits instead! We do not have images of all the outfits we have since the closet is always changing, but trust we have A LOT of selection!


Q: Can you drink alcohol before your session?

A: I use to offer my clients mimosas during hair and makeup but I found that often times once clients had a drink it was harder for them to follow directions during posing, it was harder for them to hold the poses also. There eyes often got hard to focus and were glassy. Their skin would get red and flushed. Clients would also say once they had a drink it was harder to remember to suck in and hold themselves the way they would have preferred for their photos. For this reason I no longer have drinks available in the studio and I do not recommend having a drink before your session to calm your nerves. Just come in and relax and trust that we got you!


Q: Can you bring a friend to your session?

A: Once again I totally get that it is scary to show up alone to a place full of strangers and get naked to take photos. I get the urge to want to bring a friend along. However there are a few things to consider. The experience does often last many hours. There will not be much for a guest to do during this time. Also, no matter how close of a friend they are…. clients in the past who have brought friends along always get more nervous having the friend watch them pose. Its weird. Its awkward. So many clients in the past have told us afterwards that they wish they would have come alone so they could have truly relaxed. It will show in your images if you are not comfortable. And lastly, NO MATTER WHAT there will be more talking if a friend comes. It will cut into your shooting time and it will keep interrupting the vibe of the session. For these reasons I now allow clients to bring if a friend if they want, but the friend must remain in the dressing room for the duration of the session.


Q: Should you get a spray tan before your session?

A: No! NO NO NO! I speak for every boudoir photog ever. NO lol. No matter how good a spray tan looks in person… it WILL photograph orange. Not to mention un even spots, those creases of white under your ass cheeks that will be there NO MATTER WHAT. The splotchy hands, the spots under your feet. Just do not do it. For the love of god. PLEASE lol.


Q: Do you need to know how to pose?

A: Absolutely not. I will guide you through everything. Even how and when to breathe. You do not need any experience or to have a damn clue what you are doing to have amazing images lol.


Q: Should you wait till you reach your fitness goals to have a session?

A: HELL NO. Boudoir is all about celebrating you now. If you want to come back once you meet those goals I am all for it. But you deserve to feel good NOW. I am experienced in shooting all body types and posing to show off what you love and to not show off what you don’t. Just do the damn session <3


Q: Do you have to get naked?

A: Nope! Your session is totally up to you and your comfort level. If you want to get naked… we totally can. If you want to do the whole session in a baggy sweater and undies… we totally can. You get to decide how far you want to push. We have kink items in the studio for use as well but you never have to use them if you do not want! Its all up to you.


Q: Do you have to have your images shared?

A: Absolutely not. While I LOOOOOVE sharing clients images and hyping them up, its totally up to you if you want to share your images. You can share none of them, only non identifying ones, only ones that dont show nips, or show everything. You decide. I have clients you have never seen and will never know they were ever in my studio. Client privacy is super important.



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