Why Should You Do A Boudoir Shoot?

Why should you do a boudoir shoot?


 If you are looking for a reason to do a boudoir shoot, you don’t have to look any further. The reason is YOU. Celebrating yourself is all the reason you will ever need! As women we go through so many changes in life. We become professionals, wives, mothers, grandmothers and the list goes on. Our bodies go through changes too. We gain weight, lose weight, get stretch marks, go through sickness or hardships. It is so important that we take the time to stop and love ourselves and our bodies along the way. It is so easy to lose touch with the woman we are inside and to really forget just how AMAZING we are. That is where my passion for boudoir comes in.


Nothing has ever been more rewarding for me than watching a woman rediscover herself in front of my camera lens. Time and time again women come into my studio defeated and tired and leave crying tears of joy and happiness.  It is so empowering to see yourself the way the people who love you see you. Sitting down and seeing portrait after portrait of you looking your very best, with genuine smiles, with an entire team of women cheering you on and telling you how gorgeous you are is an experience like no other. It is an experience I think every woman deserves to treat herself to at least once. I could tell you to do it because it is a great gift for a bride to give her groom on their wedding day (it is!). I could tell you to do it for your husband’s birthday or Christmas because it will BLOW his mind (it will!). I could give you a whole list of reasons why you should do boudoir for someone else. But,if you are still looking for a reason to do a boudoir shoot… the reason is because you DESERVE it. 


Do a boudoir shoot and look back on those portraits every time you get down on yourself and remember YOU ARE SEXY. You were brave, you were willing to take a risk, and it paid off! Do a boudoir shoot and take that time to get pampered. Relax, have some girl time, focus on you for once. Do a boudoir shoot and appreciate your body for all that it has given you and how hard it has fought for you. Do a boudoir shoot and use it to start a pattern of self love within yourself. Do a boudoir shoot.



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