Beth’s Premiere Boudoir Experience

Reserved, mostly quiet, mom of 2 boys

I was sent an invite to the Boudoir by Robin facebook VIP page. After seeing the uplifting of women and the confidence building posts I knew if I were ever to do something like this it would be them I go to.

Very nervous! I had someone close to me come with me and thankfully I did because idk if I would have made it into the studio.

I loved the whole experience. It’s hard to pick a favorite part, but I would have to say feeling confident and knowing I did the dang thing!

Relieved. Relieved that all my nerves and anxiousness was basically for nothing. The second I stepped into hair and makeup it was like I already knew everyone and walked away with that feeling.

Absolutely!!! Every woman deserves to feel the way this team makes you feel!






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