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We love sharing our client’s photos. We love sharing them in the VIP Group, on FB anf IG, and on the website. BUT some clients are not comfortable with sharing their photos. And that is totally FINE and up to you. It is a very personal decision to make. You have to decide what is right for yourself, your relationship, your job, etc. We bring in models from time to time to make sure we have enough content to share. But you should never feel like you HAVE to share your images with anyone. While you are in hair and makeup we give you a model release form to read over and choose how you would like to share your images or if you would not like to share at all. And thats it. We dont have to discuss it, no pressure. Many times after their session ladies do change their mind and decide they DO want to share. Maybe even just in the VIP group.. and thats fine too! This is your body, your photos, and your decision. Always <3



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