Premium Boudoir Experience: Heather

Mother of 1, Nervous Nellie, Hot Babe

What made you choose Robin Seymour Boudoir for your Premium Boudoir Experience?

I had been wanting to do boudoir for a few years but never really looked into it until a friend added me to the vip group. I lurked on the Facebook and Instagram pages and saw the beautiful photos and said I need to do this.

Were you nervous before your session? How were you feeling?

Hell Freakin Yea I was nervous!!! So nervous I considered not showing up, turning around on my way there, and running back out the door once I arrived for my session. I know I feel good about myself and I think I look I look pretty good too. But there are always those what if’s that are in the back of your mind.

What was your favorite part of the Premium Boudoir Experience?

My favorite part was the reveal! I had seen the sneak peeks that were posted but seeing all of my photos and the work Robin did brought tears to my eyes!! I felt so empowered as a woman and beautiful and fearless like I could take on anything and conquer the world!!

How do you feel now after your experience?

I feel great after the session and I already have ideas for another session that I would love to do!!! And I can’t wake to bare it all again in front of Robin’s camera!!

Would you recommend a session to others?

I don’t know if I’m allowed to curse but if I am, F**K YES I would most definitely recommend a session with Robin to others!! Her work is Amazing!! She has such a great eye! Her team is also wonderful!! Stacey and Paige are truly the best.  I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet them and work with them!!

Here is Heather’s Premiere Boudoir Experience transformation:


Robin Seymour Boudoir is a full service boudoir portrait studio located in Plaquemine, La. We are the only full boudoir studio on the westbank! We have an all female staff ready to empower and lift up every woman in our path. Our studio consists of two buildings with several sets that are always evolving. We also have a cozy space for our image reveal sessions and an office for product ordering and design right in studio.



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