Anonymous Model Release

We have the honor of having SO many ladies in our studio. Every single one is special and amazing and has a story to tell. But not every one wants to tell that story to the public. And that is totally fine! I wanted to start this blog off by going over some of the different types of model releases that we have. Some clients choose to share their photos with no one. They are never posted online, in the facebook group, on IG, or on this website. And that is TOTALLY fine and up to every client! However some people want a little privacy but they still want to show off how SEXY they are. For those ladies we offer an anonymous model release. This includes images that do not show the client’s face. These can be detail shots, shots from behind, shots with the face in shadow, etc. I wanted to share a few examples here of what that kind of release would look like! Enjoy <3



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