Top 5 Tips For Planning A South Louisiana Wedding

South Louisiana can be a gorgeous backdrop for a picturesque wedding. But it can also be a swampy hot mess lol. You have to keep certain things in mind when you are getting married in South Louisiana and after photographing so many weddings here I have taken note of quite a few things that I think it would be very helpful to share. So grab your wedding planning notebook and take some notes!

1.Consult the LSU game schedule before choosing a wedding date and for goodness sake AVOID THE LSU/ALABAMA GAME!

Lets face it, during football season you should avoid planning a Saturday wedding altogether. Chances are people will either skip the wedding, spend the whole night glued to their phones distracted, hide in the cars to listen to the game over radio, or will leave early. If you want your guests to be mentally AT your wedding, you do not want to get married on game day. BUT if you don’t want your guests to literally roll a tv set into your ceremony and scream at it all night DO NOT get married on LSU/Alabama game night lol. Every year when the schedule is announced I write down that game date on my calendar so I can let all couples that inquire about that date know what they are in for. Nov 9th this year in case you are wondering lol. So lesson one… avoid football games.

2.Have a rain plan.

South Louisiana has the least predictable weather on Earth. I have seen a totally clear radar with 0% chance of rain and still had it pouring down on our ceremony. You never know if the sky is going to fall out right before you walk down the isle. If you are having an outdoor wedding, you NEED a rain plan. There are many venues with indoor outdoor options locally. Ashley Manor has a barn as well as beautiful grounds that you can have your ceremony on. In a pinch you can always move your ceremony to the barn. Other barns in the area with similar options are Grace Barn, The Berry Barn, and The Barns at TH Farms. The Lake House in Baton Rouge is a beautiful reception hall where you could also get married outside along the lake or inside if weather gets crazy. No matter where you choose, have a rain plan.

3.Consider the temperature!

It is HOT down here ya’ll! I mean HOT hot. No one wants to melt during a wedding. I have actually stopped booking summer weddings for the most part because it is that hot and miserable. If you are getting married in the Spring or Summer in South Louisiana you need to be thinking about temperature control! Not even just for your guests… no bride wants her makeup melting off her face while she says “I do”! If you are going to get married in a church or barn without air conditioning, you should really consider renting portable air conditioning. You want to keep everyone comfortable of course, but you also want every one safe. If you are thinking of having big fans instead of air conditioning it is important to keep in mind that the sound of the fans will make it hard to hear the ceremony, will mess with the audio if you are having a wedding video done, WILL BLOW YOUR HAIR AROUND lol, and may blow over your decorations. Whatever you decide, it is important to keep everyone cool. We have literally seen guests FAINT from the heat. Definitely keep temperature in mind when planning your wedding.

4.The Critters

It is no secret that South Louisiana mosquitoes will pick you up and carry you away. If you are having an outdoor wedding near dusk, chances are you will have uninvited guests in the form of mosquitoes. Though there is not much you can do to stop them from showing up, there are a few things you can do to help protect your guests from being feasted on. You can provide a few cans of bug spray for every one to pass around. Having a few strategically placed citronella candles surrounding your guests can help as well. Another good idea it provide paper fans for guests to fan themselves and fan away the little pests.

5.Can you hear me now?! 

Lots of South Louisiana is not within reach of good cell phone service. Many times I have been on my way to a wedding venue and lost GPS signal altogether. If you are getting married somewhere that might not have the best cell phone reception it is important to make sure guests have detailed info on where they are trying to get to. Once they loose their cell reception they wont be able to call for help or use their GPS to get them the rest of the way. I have seen lots of couples even send a cute little sketched map with their invitations or Save The Dates to help people find their way!

This last piece of advice in not even a tip lol, it is a WARNING! DO NOT choose light color tuxes (like light grey) or light colored dresses that will show sweat for Spring and Summer outdoor weddings! I have seen it time and time again. GIANT SWEAT STAINS. No one wants to deal with that embarrassing moment. Save yourself the headache and plan accordingly!


So there are my 5 tips for getting married in South Louisiana! I hope they help you out and maybe brought up a few things that you had not thought about. South Louisiana is so beautiful for weddings, it just comes with it’s own set of rules to follow!

June 23, 2019


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